Alexandra DiPalma is a podcast producer and writer living in Brooklyn.

The Getaway Podcast

I teamed up with the wonderful folks at Getaway to create their first-ever podcast. Find episodes and subscribe HERE:)

The digital age has taken away our sense of balance. We are over-connected, overworked, and always on. We rarely experience the joy of solitude or the respite of nature. In this new podcast from Getaway, we have deep conversations guests from our cabin house studio on three themes: technology & disconnection; city & nature; and work & leisure. Listen to learn the hard data on the imbalance and its dangers with examples of cultural initiatives countering the imbalance, plus concrete tips about how to build the counterbalance in your own life.

Jon Staff and Pete Davis, the founders of Getaway, interview guests who are working to create more balance in all our lives, or people who are struggling to find balance.